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I Will Be On the March 3rd Primary Ballot: 

Member, County Central Committee for 68th Assembly District

For those who received a DEMOCRATIC BALLOT for the primary, I humbly ask for your vote as a Member, County Central Committee for 68th Assembly District. (If you are No Party Preference and would like to vote, you can go to any vote center and request a ballot on the spot).


I am running on a platform of expanding the democratic base by making a more inclusive party and ensuring that a broad range of voices are heard - not just the vocal fringe. I  have been a resident of AD68 for the past 18 years and I am running to create a stronger and more inclusive party. There has been a demographic shift in Orange County, yet our party does not reflect the diversity of our county. I have been personally committed to ensuring that disenfranchised and linguistically isolated communities have the knowledge, access, and resources to be fully immersed in our democracy and building a foundation of culturally-aware outreach resources to encourage civic participation.  As a life-long democrat, I am committed to a platform of Social Justice, criminal justice reform, addressing the climate crises, immigration reform, universal healthcare, gun reform, reproductive rights, climate change,  access to quality education, and reducing student debt. 


What IS Central Committee? Both Democrats and

Republicans have a "County Central Committee,"

and the Green Party has a County Council. These

Committees operate as the governing body for the

party in the county.


(Where is 68th Assembly District?

Parts of Irvine (Portola Springs, Great Park,

Woodbury, Northwood, Orchard Hills,

West Irvine, Northpark), Tustin Ranch,

Tustin, Orange, Lake Forest, Villa Park,

and Anaheim (Parts)


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